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Spay or neuter your pets

We started Bond County Adopt-A-Pet in June of 1992. Our board members are: Oliver Stowe, DVM, Debbie Haughland and Jim and Mary Price. Attorney William Dillow donated all his legal fees and filing fees to help get us started. Thanks to him and our board members, we have saved over 4000 animals since we started.
Hundreds of dogs pass through the dog pound here in Bond County. Some abandoned, neglected and abused. Some are just brought there because it is no longer convenient for their owners to have them. Most are the product of irresponsible people who allow their dogs to breed. A very small percentage of the animals are placed into homes. But - since 1992 - there have been 250-400 healthy, adoptable dogs destroyed in Bond County EACH YEAR.
Our goal is to one day have a shelter built for homeless dogs and cats.We need your help! Through donations we are able to pay for medical care, vaccinations, and most importantly spaying and neutering before placing the animals into permanent homes.
Please have your pet spayed or neutered and urge your friends and neighbors to do the same! There just aren't enough homes for them all! Together, we can make a difference!
If you would like to help please contact us at:

Bond County Adopt-A-Pet

406 Stephen Avenue

Greenville, IL 62246


We would like to thank WGEL Radio in Greenville for all their help in helping to find homes for the dogs at the Greenville/Bond County dog pound. In addition to advertising our website on the radio, Ellie Kennedy and Julia Jenner, Greenville's Tourism Director, put pictures of the dogs on Channel 3, the local cable channel. Several dogs have found good homes because of their efforts.

A big THANK YOU! from Bond County Adopt-A-Pet and the dogs that you have helped save.
May God Bless You.

Protect your pet. ShelterCare Pet Insurance Programs

Alleviate the financial stress associated with your pet's unexpected medical expenses
and generate funds for our shelter at the same time!
Simply apply for a ShelterCare Pet Insurance Program by using the ShelterCare banner-link.

Here's how it works:
ShelterCare Pet Insurance Programs cover you when your pet needs essential veterinary care from an illness or injury.
Also, every time a completed application for a ShelterCare program is generated through our shelter's website,
we automatically receive a $25 donation to help cover common needs like blankets, litter and food.
This donation is of no cost to you and provides us with essential funds.
Make the right move and enroll today!

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Horrizontal Rule

A Faithful Dog will play with you
And laugh with you or cry
He'll gladly starve to stay with you
Nor ever wonder why.

And when you're feeling out of sorts
Somehow he'll understand
He'll watch you with his shining eyes
And try to lick your hand.

His blind, implicit faith in you
Is matched by his great love -
The kind that all of us should have
In the Saviour, up above.

When everything is said and done
I guess this isn't odd
For when you spell "dog" backwards
You get the name of GOD.


Horrizontal Rule

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Horrizontal Rule

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Horrizontal Rule

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